Using Meta Tags And Framesets For Your Clients’ Web Site


Newcomers are making mistakes we all made in the past, therefore they need some guidance from those that have spent more time in the industry. So we pass on a few more tips that everyone should know and NEVER FORGET!

Lazy Meta Tag Header Copying Scenario

A most unprofessional indication of a lazy-man’s Web site is when there are no Titles or the Title is the same for every Web page. A complete Web site lists something like “” in the title on every page. Then we dig deeper on the enterprise’s Web portal and see the meta tags are identical on every page. The visible text is alone is different. Seldom do we notice Web pages having the same theme or content type, especially all the pages in a Web site. Subsequently, every page for your firm’s Web portal can be possibly optimized for distinct keywords whether major or minor. These optimized different keywords and phrases can be an entry point to your company’s Web site from the search engines. Our stomach really roll over whenever we see “” stuck at the head of every Web page. They wasted such precious search engine fodder. If they only knew how much better their site would be if they were armed with this knowledge. If your organization needs help with your Anchorage, Alaska web design to add value, do a quick Google Search.

What steps can your business take to avoid this obstacle? At all costs, read on…
When your establishment’s Webmasters are constructing your Web site, find and stick to a pattern that works for your team. Some developers create all the content before even thinking about a title and meta tags, but they most certainly finish the title and meta tags before starting another page. Always remember that each page must be optimized for particular terms and should be considered as an entry point to your association’s Web site from the search engines. Anchorage, Alaska web page design can provide assistance.

Now let us review what we’ve covered thus far: Fix your establishment’s work on your top keywords and phrases on your chosen Web page and in your page’s title tags and meta descriptions. Each and every page should be administered as if the Web page were crucial and optimize it completely. Don’t be tempted to neglect the head area and pass on the optimization. Professional Anchorage, Alaska website design optimize Web sites every day, so don’t be shy utilizing them.

Adding Unessential Framesets into the Site

A month ago, a couple clients approached us from an Alaska hunting lodge and asked for a simple Web solutions (Web page) that could be run without a Web server. They wanted a menu on one page only, and to have the content appear in the content area. Since it was not done with a Web server, we had to explore other avenues. We ran into the dreaded framesets from the old days of Microsoft Front Page. It is now rare we see framed website. Our association believe that the implementation of frames does not benefit or add weight to a association’s portal. Framed sites can rank as high as other sites, but few Web developers understand the tricks to get them ranked well.

What can organizations do to avoid this bizarre challenge? Noframe tag content should be considered as if it were a text version of your home page and optimize it just as one would a normal Web portal. Be certain to also link your noframe area to framed pages. For your your corporation’s Web site framed pages, consider JavaScript to call the frame set if it becomes orphaned in search engines. Framed pages without framesets mainly means no navigation and are not brought over the Web as first proposed.

May the force be with you.


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