Eight Strategies To Build Up Your SEO In Alaska Through Simple Web Design


The universe of Web design in Alaska was a pretty passive place a few years ago. Now however, it can be a hazardous jungle that will eat you whole, and make it hard for prospective clients to find you down within the confines of search engine data-farms. The truth of the matter is, if you are not appearing on the first few pages after a search, most visitors will never lay eyes upon a link to your site. Hoping to help your business not only survive but thrive in the forest of web design, I’ve put together a list of eight essential Web design survival techniques .

With the rapid pace of advancing technology everything changes more quickly than it did before. Sadly this is also true when it comes to Web design and search engine ranking. Lucky for you the following eight techniques will get you started with a solid footing to launch from.

Here they are:
1. Spend a little extra time to give your website a solid code structure. You would be amazed that spending a little more time on your code structure will save you amazing amounts of time on web design later on, but it is true. Furthermore, if you have a solid code structure it assist search engines in having an easier time understanding your content in a way that will raise your rankings in the areas you want and need to improve.

Unlike Christmas stockings and Thanksgiving turkeys you should not stuff your website with keywords until it overflows. Strategic keyword placement is essential for search engine ranking, but people often stuff keywords in place of quality content. The reality of the matter is your Web pages will be penalized for over stuffing keywords into its content. If you can take away one thing from this article it would be to add a lot of quality keywords into your content and avoid overstuffing keywords.
3. Flashing seems to be very popular. All I can tell you is do not be a flasher! It can be very desirable to use flash for your menu navigation. I mean, what could be cooler than creating a nifty little drop down menu in flash? Right?! Wrong. We are working on improving traffic to your website. What would be the point of a flashy menu if customers can’t find your website to see the menu? It may add to the aesthetic beauty of your site it will reduce your search engine rank severely. This is because search engines currently have a hard time indexing your site properly when you use flash for navigation. Basically what a spiderbot sees while navigating through your site is your flashy navigation links are U-Turn signs or dead ends. You have spent a lot of time on your content. Let’s make sure the search engines can index it properly.

4. Remember to include Alt attributes in ALL of your images. When you are creating your image tags remember to include juicy keyword-rich descriptions of the image you will be attaching to.

5. Proper naming is key. Every page should have an accurate title attribute which describes the page with its own unique keywords. This will ensure accurate indexing of the unique content on your website with the search engines who spider your it. Remember it is all about proper Web designers in Anchorage, Alaska.

6. Make sure to use Definitive link titles. Links are often looked at as a reliable source of content value to most search engines. Always include keywords with enough description to relate what the link has to do with the your content or your Web design and development company in Anchorage, Alaska.

7. Always be consistent with the use of your URL. |When you are linking within your site, and when you are creating backlinks make sure that the use of your URL is consistent. Many search engines, for example, see google.com and http://www.google.com as two different locations. Which could also end up giving you issues with assumed “content duplication issues.” Believe me that is not a headache that you want to have.

8. Last but not least. If you want people to come to your site, you have to build it. Well it is true. But in this case building refers to link building. When it comes to your website ranking on search engines, backlinks are the single most important aspect of SEO. The more backlinks you have pointing to your site the more it will improve your ranking, pure and simple. Now the problem becomes getting those unique links pointing to your site. The truth is that having unique, quality content will in and of itself cause people to link to your website. There are lots of other ways to boost your backlinks effectively. However to share them all with you would require many more blogs posts than I can do in one go. Here is a simple strategy you can use. It is to include a link back to your site when you post on forums and blogs. But make sure that these sites have related to your content. Begging works to. So please, if you like this article link to it!
That’s it. Eight survival tools for the Web design jungle. As I mentioned earlier on in this post, this is only the foundation of any search engine optimization project. Come back often for more tips, tricks, and techniques to move up in the ranks. Or you could always just search for “SEO tips.” The people who rank the highest in Alaska obviously know what they are doing. 🙂
Written by: Your local Website designers and development company in Anchorage, Alaska


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